Guest Post ~ How to use Natural Shea Butter as an all-in-one Beauty Treatment

How to use Natural Shea Butter as an all-in-one Beauty Treatment

Shea butter is becoming quite popular. It is no secret that people are interested in products that are natural and sustainable. Still, there might be a few things that you do not know about Shea butter and how it can be used.

What Benefits Does Shea Butter Offer?

Shea butter comes from the Karite tree, and it is full of minerals in its raw form. It also contains vitamin A and vitamin E. Both vitamins are known to help reduce damage on the skin and revitalize it. In essence, it helps keep the skin looking young. The melting point is near skin temperature, making it a great moisturizer that can easily penetrate the skin. It also leaves a fatty layer of protection on the skin that keeps moisture trapped in the skin. This helps improve appearance and suppleness. Studies by Eugenia Shea even found that Shea butter in raw form contains active ingredients that are anti-inflammatory and anti-acne.

Ways to Incorporate Shea Butter Into Your Beauty Regimen

Hair Usage

Many people use Shea butter to promote healthy hair. The key is to apply a little to the scalp and massage it in. It seems that the benefits of the product add volume to the hair and also define curls. Shea butter also helps trap moisture in the hair, which should help keep it quite manageable and beautiful.

Lip Balm

In the winter, some people have to deal with chapped lips. Chapped lips can be quite painful and sometimes unsightly. There are a few solutions out there, but most of them are not natural like shea butter. This product will seal the moisture within the lips and keep them from getting dry while you are out.

Use it Like Lotion

The product is meant to make the skin look beautiful and keep it young. Using Shea butter as your everyday lotion is an easy way to incorporate it into your life. Best of all, the regular and raw shea butter is unscented, meaning that men can use it without worrying about feminine scents.

Skin Treatment

Several studies have shown that Shea butter can be effective for certain conditions of the skin. These conditions could include issues like eczema, acne, and inflamed skin. You will have to apply the butter more than a few times a day, but it should help soothe those symptoms. It should be noted that those suffering from an itchy insect bite might also find Shea butter soothing.

Shaving Cream Alternative

Some people like to use a shave oil rather than shaving cream. Those who love to shave with oil can stop buying those products because many people have turned to shea butter to provide that extra cushion while shaving. The results are great, natural, and feel as soft as anyone could imagine.

Of course, these are just a few ways that Shea butter can be used for your beauty regimen. It is easy to see that this butter is a good option for those seeking natural beauty products.


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