5 Reasons for Moving Your Furniture Around

Redecorating can sound like an intimidating challenge, especially if you don't have money to spend right now.  What if I told you that you could still freshen your space without opening your wallet?  All you have to do is rearrange your furniture.  It really is that simple, and yet you get a lot of benefits from doing just that.  Here are five major benefits you gain from it.

Provides a Healthier Environment

Do you ever think about what might be living under the sofa?  Until you move your furniture around, you may not realize how much actually accumulates underneath.  Dust bunnies are something you might expect, but if food particles are landing under the couch and not being vacuumed regularly, you might find a colony of insects enjoying the leftovers.

By rearranging the heavy furniture, it gives you a great opportunity to clean things that normally don't get washed.  Dust accumulations are also hosts to dust mites or other health problems.  In moving things around and cleaning as you go, you are making the environment a healthier living space.

Help Others While Helping Yourself

Rearranging the pieces of furniture makes it so you can finally decide to get rid of an old stuffed chair that doesn't fit with the theme of the room.  It means you can now bring a new chair or item that works better and that you will enjoy more.  That's a definite benefit for you.

If that old chair still has life left to it, instead of tossing it into the local landfill, you can donate it to a local charity.  There are plenty of donation centers and they are always on the lookout for used furniture.  That way, someone else can benefit from it too.

 Works to Incorporate Seasonal Changes

We celebrate many holidays during the year, some more than others.  Rather than adding decorations around the existing layout, why not arrange the layout of the room around the major decorations?  Trying to cram the holiday tree in the corner behind the cushioned chair and love seat leaves a lot to be desired.  Instead, rearrange the furniture around it, making the decoration the focal point during that season.

Rearranging Furniture Saves the Floors

Leaving everything in the exact same spot causes a number of problems with the entire room.  Try just moving a chair that has been in place for years.  What's the first thing you noticed?  There are usually huge divets in the carpet where the chair has settled in place.  Worse yet, if it is a wood floor and there were no protectors on the chair legs, they likely have carved a spot into the wood.

In addition, rearranging the layout of the larger pieces of furniture changes the pathways through the room, so the same section of carpet isn't getting heavy foot traffic all the time.  By redistributing wear and tear on the carpet, you extend its life.


Makes a Happier You

Everyone loves new stuff.  Perhaps you have all the furniture you could want already.  Over time, though, it becomes old simply because you look at the same furniture over and over again.  Now is the perfect time to shuffle things around.  If you've always wanted a book nook, move several comfy chairs and a bookshelf over to the windows to read.  Or if you are tired of everyone watching television and not talking, move the sofa and love seat to face away from the television and closer to the fireplace.  Just by changing things around, it makes the room seem fresh and new again.

It doesn't matter what your reason for rearranging the furniture.  The result can be a much happier you without your having to spend any money on redecorating.  Simply relocating the furniture will give you a new outlook on your own space and result in a happier you.


Ivonne Tarantino10 Comments