Our Story

From conception, the idea behind Creative Lifestyle came from a mother-son duo who had a shared love for creative ideas and sharing opinions through an open forum. We began our venture in November of 2014 when a referral to review a set of bed sheets came from a family member in Ohio.We have been blessed with an unimaginable opportunity and this we are most grateful and thankful to our very special cousins; Karen and Nancy in Ohio and our new found friend Kelli from Pennsylvania who have inspired us and supported us so we can reach our personal goals. Over the past year we have grown and decided it was time to start our own blog which will marry our passion for shopping, bringing forth new and innovative products to our reader’s attention, recipe ideas, videos, photography and so much more.  We hope you’ll join us for the ride as it is our hope to inspire, educate, make you think and hopefully make you laugh along the way!

Ivonne Tarantino

My philosophy in life is simple, ‘do unto others as you’d have done to you’, love with all your heart, and put God, husband, and children above all else. Ensure they’re feed, have wonderful life experiences and live in a lovely safe and secure and happy home. I come from a Hotel and Restaurant background, my passion for cooking/baking stems back to my childhood where my paternal grandmother, Katarina was my mentor and trainer in the early years, followed by several years of college working with award-winning Canadian chefs and pastry chefs my craft was born.  I had planned to start my own catering business but then came marriage, the mortgage, and of course the children and so on; so my dreams went on hold.  Over the years I have been quite successful working in all sectors of manufacturing, finance, accounting, and marketing, but in the back of my mind, I always had my dream buried, until now.  My mind is always racing; dreaming up new ideas, recipes, unique and special ways to present a table for a feast, crafting, knitting and DIY projects. In many of these I am self-taught through trial and error, some successful some not, but if you don’t try, well… you’ll just never know ~ RIGHT!  Our blog will marry our love of shopping, bringing forth new products to our reader’s attention, recipe idea, videos, photography and so much more.  We hope you’ll join us for the ride!  


Anthony Tarantino

Anthony Tarantino is currently studying psychology in university. Balancing work and school Anthony works tirelessly on weekends to provide high-quality videos and photos for our website. Anthony is an aspiring photographer, videographer, and actor. Hard work and dedication has found Anthony success in just about anything that he does. Anthony's personal philosophy is that inspiration can come from just about anywhere. Living with this philosophy has allowed him to expand his ideas and grow as a person. Sure living in Toronto makes it difficult to get work done as a team but he ensures that all projects receive input from everyone before a final change is presented.


Bandit - Company Mascot


Bandit is our forever puppy; he's a border collie crossed with a miniature poodle. We got him in June of 2012 after coming across an ad online, upon seeing his little face in the pictures we knew we had to have him. We believe he had a rough time in his first 10 weeks of life because when we took him home he had a terrible fear of garbage bags and boxes and would freak out on garbage night, however, with patience and a little love he grew out of his fears and has become the love of our lives. He's the family pet but we call him our baby; he's the most affectionate puppy we've ever met. Currently, he has a strong attraction to Ivonne to the point that we cannot enter her office without getting barked at therefore, we call him corporate security.
Bandit loves to play soccer and go for long walks. When he's not outside he's asleep on a blanket in Ivonne's office. They two are attached at the hip.