How To Host A Cookie Exchange Party

It’s the most wonderful time of the year and I think we’re all eager to pull off the perfect picture Martha Stewart Christmas for our families and friends with eye tempting and delicious sugary concoctions that will delight everyone’s palate but unfortunately we get busy and life gets in the way and sometimes we fall short on our holiday baking goals.

A simple and easy alternative to spending countless days and weeks in the kitchen covered in flour, sugar and sprinkles is to host your very own Cookie Exchange Party which is not only a great way to get dozens and dozens of unique and interesting cookies it’s also the perfect way to celebrate friends and family during the holidays, so I think it’s a win win situation for all who attend!

How It Works:

·       Invite a group of friends to your home for your Cookie Exchange Party (about 8 to 12) or more and make sure they RSVP to the party.

·       Insure you keep track of what everyone is bringing to avoid any duplicate recipes and have them pre-bake the cookies enough for each guest attending plus a few extra for sampling.

·       Have your guests print out recipe cards or have them send you the recipes and lay out the recipe cards next to each cookie platter for those wishing to make extras of their own favourite cookies.

·       Your guests can bring their own cookie tins, containers or platters to fill them up as they go, or you can visit and pick up a great selection of themed holiday platters, containers, cookie tins and decorative bags and boxes enough for all your guests at your local dollar store at affordable prices.

Hosting Tips:

·        Bake your cookies ahead of time; they can be stored in airtight containers in the fridge or freezer (most cookies will last and retain their freshness for up to 4 weeks in the freezer).

·        Make sure your home is clean, inviting and decorated for the holidays for a welcoming feel.

·        Prepare your kitchen or dining room for the event. A large table nicely decorated in the center of the room works perfectly so that your guests can circulate around the table and pick and choose their favourite cookies as well as pick up the recipe cards.

·        Create a designated spot for the containers and platters on the table or nearby so that your guests can get their fill of all the tasty cookies.

·        Have holiday music playing in the background; what’s a party without music to get everyone in the festive mood.


Don’t forget the extras for that party feel:

·        Prepare some easy and delicious snacks and appetizers to serve your guests.

·        Have a selection of beverages on hand for your guests to enjoy while they’re sampling.

Most of all relax and have fun!