Inspired Home Living's Stainless Steel Tumbler

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I can’t say enough good things about Inspired Home Living’s stainless steel tumbler! It’s perfect in every way and I think I’ve finally found the perfect take along tumbler for me.  I can now throw all my plastic insulated tumblers in the garbage. This one will not crack, break or chip nor will the insulated interior cup come loose; although you could dent it, but why would you since it’s so pretty?!?!

It has solid stainless steel construction and it is insulated which keeps my ice from melting for hours; I love the fact that the exterior of the tumbler does not create condensation!  I am not a fan of drinking hot beverages through a straw but I did test it with coffee and it kept my coffee hot for hours as well; so I can attest to Inspired Home Livings claim that it will keep your beverage hot or cold for a longer time period as it is airtight and insulated. 

The tumbler holds a standard sized can of pop; so it’s a decent size.  The lid screws on easily and perfectly every time without having to fuss with aligning the threads. The tumbler comes with two stainless steel straws and a very thoughtful straw cleaning brush.  Best of all it has a nice tight seal that doesn’t leak; the only leakage I experienced is when tipped on its side, the liquid only trickles out of the straw hole which is to be expected if the tumbler is more than half full. It washes up beautifully including a run through the dishwasher.  It also fits perfectly into the cup holder in the car which is extremely convenient on hot sweltering days when you need something cool and refreshing; because it is insulated it will keep your drink cooler longer. It is a solid product that I am confident will last a life time and if it doesn’t it does come with a lifetime warranty which is rare to see; so this is a bonus in of itself!

As a Canadian blogger/product reviewer I was lucky enough to be approached by this great little company in Southwestern Ontario Canada called Breakthrough Premium Products offering Brilliantly Simply Solutions under the their brand name Inspired Home Living. The stand behind their products offering a lifetime warranty and the wonderful thing is when you purchase this stainless steel tumbler you get a PDF file containing Smoothie recipes.  They’ve thought of everything!

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