Inspired Home Living's Stainless Steel BBQ Kabob Rack

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Once again, I am proud to feature another great product from Inspired Home Living!

My family and I love Shish Kabobs and Souvlaki on the BBQ! What we don’t love is when the meat and/or vegetables stick to the grill, making it very difficult to turn them without anything falling off through the grill into the flame.  The worst BBQ experience is when the wooden sticks burn off as well.  Well, the grilling nightmare ends with Inspired Home Living’s BBQ Kabob Rack that comes with 6 skewers.

The rack itself in 100% premium grade stainless steel rectangular frame which is perfectly welded together; I find it quite sturdy and it held up under the oven broiler quite well {Oops! We ran out of propane to cook our dinner on the grill; plus it rained when I tested it}.  The frame is about 1 ½ inches high so it perfect giving the kabobs that extra height the food doesn’t stick to the grill or so they cook up slow and tender and they will be out of the line of flames so they won’t get charred or burned. 

The best feature is that the skewers are flat and slightly over a ¼ inch wide and the rack slits are cut on a cross so you can do quarter turns allowing you to cook the kabobs evenly on all sides. The width is of the rack is 11 inches so there is room to put a lot of goodness on each skewer. I have to note that the skewers are non-stick and the food just easily slides off them, leaving the food pretty much intact for pretty presentation. There are two handles on each side for easy lifting and moving.  Don’t forget your oven or BBQ mitts ~ it is stainless steel after all and the rack will be super-hot!

Wash up is a breeze either in the kitchen sink with hot soapy water or on the top rack of my dishwasher; either way, the rack and the skewers washed up beautifully.

Breakthrough Premium Products is a great little company in South Western Ontario offering Brilliantly Simply Solutions under the their brand name Inspired Home Living. They stand behind their products offering a lifetime warranty.You can purchase the BBQ Kabob Rack in Canada {here} in the US {here} or the UK {here}

Or you can visit their website at