AGPtek Business Call Center Headset Telephone System

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I just love the AGPTEK Business/Noise Calling Call Center Headset Telephone not only in style, in functionality and in price as well!

It is so simple to use, just plug it into your phone jack and you’re ‘in business’ ~ literally! No batteries or power cords are required. This is the perfect phone system for a small/start up business, call center scenario where you’re price conscious of your expenses and need a reliable phone system. 

This even perfect for home use too! Picture it you’re on the phone with a friend and say she’s a Chatty Kathy and your ear is about to pop up from listening uninterruptedly to her, you pop on the very comfortable headset that can be worn right or left and you can do your nails, catch up on your emails or even cook as the phone cord extends about 8 feet long and you can move the phone around anywhere you’d like as the phone jack cord is 6 feet long.  Heck you can even record the call by simply plugging in an aux cable into the back, hook it up to your PC or laptop and listen to the call again later should you think you’ve possibly missed something important! (he he)

Seriously, this little phone is a gem, it is smaller than most phones I have seen on the market that are double or triple the cost of this one.  It comes with a head phone stand that clips on the bottom left side of the phone with a convenient slot that holds the headset. The ear pad is so soft and gentle on the earlobe that you don’t even feel like you’re wearing it. Other features it includes is caller ID display, mute, re-dial, headset speaker volume control, flash and mute function, ringer hi/low/off, flash time, on/off noise reduction, green adjustable LED back light with large LED screen and so much more.  There are just so many features built into it that it’s just an amazing little phone.  It has a hard black shell exterior that will last for years with gentle cleaning from time to time to keep it looking its best.

You would expect to pay much more for a phone with all these features.

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