Peppermint Stars/Candy Bowls/Hot Chocolate Stirs

Peppermint Stars

Several bags of peppermint candies is all you need to make these great treats.  We've written names on all the stars with royal icing and will be using them as place settings for Christmas Day dinner.  They can also be used a tree ornaments and lollipops.


Heat oven to 350F.  Use your favourite metal baking mold. We used Reynolds Fun Shape Foil Star Cups.  Line the mold with candies, or you can run the candies through your food processor then pour an even layer of candy dust into each mold.  Bake for about 5 to 7 mins until melted and cool until completely set.  NOTE:  cool at room temperature as putting them in the fridge will cause them to break from temperature shock.  Decorate with your favourite royal icing.


Peppermint Candy Bowls

Heat oven to 300F.  Arrange about 21 to 24 mints into an octagon shape on a parchment lined cookie sheet and heat the candies until pliable; approximately 8 to 10 mins.  This could get hot so use your oven mitts and work quickly; center a bowl over top of the candies and flip the bowl holding the parchment paper in place and molding it with your hands around the body of the bowl.  Leave at room temperature until set.  Remove bowl and fill with a selection of candies and cookies. 

Hot Chocolate Stirs


1 cup chopped milk chocolate

1 cup chopped white chocolate

1 to 2 cups of chopped candy canes

1 package of bamboo skewers

1 brick of floral foam

1 roll of ribbon

1 package of candy sleeves (found at Michael’s or Hobby Lobby)


Melt each chocolate and dip your bamboo skewer until well coated; tap off excess and roll lightly in peppermint, insert into floral foam until it hardens.  Repeat until you get the desired about of chocolate on each skewer finishing with a generous amount of chopped candy cane.  Leave to harden, insert into the candy sleeves and tie off with ribbon.

Leftover melted chocolate?  Dip candy canes into the chocolate until well coated and let harden. 

Serve with your favourite hot chocolate!


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