Holiday Cocktail Party (Video)

Cocktail parties are simple and easy to prepare for and best of all everything you are serving can be made in advance so you can mingle and socialize with all your guests and not have to spend all your time preparing in the kitchen.  You are serving finger foods; so as long as you have plenty on the side you can add more to throughout the evening without much fuss and have plenty for those guests stopping by late.  Having an abundance and variety of food and drink will keep your guests happy all night long.  

We’ve paired a selection of wines to fit anyone’s fancy from our Peller Estates French Cross Pino Grigio; a white pleasant easy drinking wine, to our FuZion Shiraz Rose from Argentina; an elegant dry rose and our smooth textured Santa Carolina Merlot with its rich red colour with hints of fruit aromas of wild berries, raspberries and blackberries.  Something to suit everyone’s palate!

You’ll be surprised how many of your guests are watching their waist lines during the holidays and wanting to eat healthy; so we offered up some low fat Hummus with crudités, a selection of season fruits in a relatively low fat yogurt dip, cooked shrimp with homemade cocktail/seafood sauce, deep fried calamari, bruschetta, baked crab dip with toasted pita wedges and our favourite the cheese and cracker display will have your guests hovering over the buffet all night long.  

Check out our ‘how to’ video on how we made all our recipes and do visit Holiday Delights section for the recipes found in our Recipes from Euro Kitchen tab.

Bon Appetite!

Ivonne TarantinoComment