Irish Coffee


We have to thank the Irish for their delicious Irish Whisky and smooth and creamy Irish Cream Liquor, so in honour of St Patrick's Day we decided to combine both in our version of Irish Coffee for a very unique and pleasant tasting after dinner or dessert coffee.  If you don’t drink or like whisky, just leave out the liquor for a great tasting coffee!

Traditionally Irish Coffee is made using brewed coffee, Irish Whisky, brown sugar and heavy cream that is frothy but has not been whipped.  We’ve jacked up the recipe to make it festive in honour of St Patrick with a splash of Irish Cream over the green whipped cream and topped it off with shaved Belgium chocolate.  You can drink this with a straw but why would you want to when sipping the coffee through the whipped cream enhances the flavour for a very satisfy and heart warming drink! We make our coffee in a French Press which in fact steeps the coffee and makes the coffee drinking experience much better!

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Irish Coffee
Delicious and creamy Irish Coffee will warm your soul.
  • 1 cup Fresh Hot Coffee
  • 1 to 2 tsp Brown Sugar or Sugar in the Raw
  • 1 1/2 to 2 oz Irish Whisky
  • splash Irish Cream
  • 1/4 to 1/2 cup Heavy Whipping Cream
  • 1 tbsp granulated sugar
  • 1 to 2 drops Green Food Colour
  • a generous sprinkle Shaved Belgium Chocolate
1. Whip 1/4 cup of whipping cream with 1 tablespoon of sugar and a drop of two of green food colour until stiff peaks form. Spoon whipping cream into a piping bag with a star tip and refrigerate until ready to use. 2. Brew coffee and pour into a mug or glass, add brown sugar and mix well until all sugar granules dissolve. 3. Mix in 1 1/2 oz to 2 oz of Irish whisky.4. Top with prepared whipping cream.5. Add a splash of Irish Cream on top of the whipped cream.6. Top with a generous sprinkling of shaved Belgium chocolate.
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