Why We Love To Sleep So Much

Guest Contribution by Jen at www.blogondirt.com

Guest Contribution by Jen at www.blogondirt.com

No matter what happens in life, good old sleep is always there for us. It is a natural healer and mood repairer. Think of Scarlet O’Hara in the movie ‘Gone with the Wind’ – ‘After all, tomorrow is another day!’

Just a small anecdote for those fortunate few among us that can switch off all of their problems for a night’s sleep. There is much wisdom in the words, ‘I’ll sleep over it.’

In essence, both quotations have the same connotations. Sleep is one of the daily activities most of us love doing. It feels so good to wake up in the morning after a good night and feel refreshed and ready to tackle the day’s challenges. Our problems might not have gone away, but our negative perception of them might have.

But why?

For one the more we read, the more we know. The web is filled up with all kinds of articles and blogs on sleep at the moment. The chances are that you have come across one recently is big. What do they tell us? The main theme is that quality sleep of about seven to nine hours a night rejuvenates, maintains the immune system, lowers stress, keeps us alert and ultimately leads to a longer and more balanced life.      

Now, let’s look at the more immediately tangible benefits that explain why we love to sleep so much.

Our pool of rejuvenation!

If you have done some mattress matchers research, you most probably have the ideal sleeping surface. Remember, the last time you felt a little down in the weather, or exhausted after a day’s work? What most certainly cured it? The right amount of good quality ZZZ’s – what’s not to love?

As Scarlet already said, sleep is a great way to postpone your problems!   

Are you still not sure about the answer to all of your dilemmas? Go to bed and sleep over it. If you can use this tactic, you are very fortunate indeed. Many people would give anything to have this ability.

It might remind you of the person back at high school or college who could switch off the night before an exam and sleep while the rest of you burned the night oil studying. It’s not for nothing that many teachers and exam coaches suggest we don’t study too much the night before the test instead of sleep.

Some of us love sleep because of the dreams!

Yes, this is true. Many people prefer dreamland to real life. Often, dreams are elusive. Many of us can’t remember them the following morning. But what function do they have? Honestly, science doesn’t know yet. One hypothesis is that it is a function of what we experienced at some point during the day that links to other things from our past. Who knows – all we know is that they can feel really good.

Are you so excited about the upcoming holiday?

Who said that we couldn’t be time travelers? But we can. That big annual holiday is only one night’s sleep away. You can’t wait to get into the cab and head off to the airport. No worries – we have no conception of time when we are in a state of unconsciousness. The next morning will be upon you quicker than you think.

Press reset!

Just like playing a computer game and you botched the level. No problem! Go back and start again. Sleep has a similar power. You had a lousy day; things didn’t seem to go your way. Why stay up late and mope about it? Go to bed, and the chances are that you will wake up having forgotten about all the travails of the day are big.

Ultimately, a new day with new chances and happiness awaits!    

We feel fantastic!

Ever wake up after a great night’s sleep? Bet you have! You feel incredible, and that’s why we love it.

It helps keep you slim and trim!

Yes, that’s right. The right amount of sleep controls the hormones that regulate appetite and satiety. Sleep deprivation destroys the equilibrium in the body, deregulating appetite and tricking the body into eating more while at the same time making us think we are not full.

In conclusion, we all love a good night's sleep! It is a natural healer and to a certain extent problem solver. They won’t miraculously disappear, but you might wake up with a clearer head. And that’s half the battle.