Feriwola's New Fashion Men's Thin Silica Gel Sports Quartz Watch

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I wasn’t sure who I would give Feriwola watch when it arrived, after all it’s a man’s watch, so I opened the packaging and left the watch on the table and forgot where I had left it for a couple of hours after examining it closely. I wasn’t about to give it to my husband who has the market cornered on watch ownership.  My husband probably has more wristwatches than hair on his head and really he needed a new watch like a hole in the head.

My oldest son Jason came home from work and his radar went up as soon as he spotted laying on the table. To my surprise he loved it and said ‘who does this belong to?’ Well I told him I received a sample for review and he immediately told me that when I was done with it that it officially belonged to him.  This was surprising, Jason hasn’t worn a watch since he was a kid when his uncle gave  him his first Mickey Mouse watch; Jason is now 25. He typically hates watches and only uses his cell phone or the clock in his truck to tell time. 

What first caught his eye was the design and I suppose that’s because he’s a auto mechanic by trade and he’s always been fascinated by moving parts and learning how the work, second he loved the industrial look of it with the grey, metal and black tones to it and lastly, what he loved about it is the silica gel wrist bands where he could use it when he goes off-roading or ATV-ing. He gets really dirty when he’s out in the country with his buddies and on really bad days he will come home covered in mud and water the last thing he wants to do is wash a leather or metal watch band; this silica band just wipes clean; when they’re out for hours and no one brings a cell phone with them it’s important that someone has a watch then can tell time on. 

Jason is not a suit and tie kind of guy/ He’s very sporty and is most comfortable in a t-shirt, a pair of jeans and a leather jacket whether he goes to dinner with his girlfriend or having beers at the bar so I sense he’ll be wearing this watch quite often from here on in since it fits with his personality.

He loves that it is lightweight surprisingly and it fits his wrist perfectly; smaller faced watches seem to get lost on his thick wrist. All the moving parts are stainless steel so there is no worry that it will rust in time should it absorb moisture.  He actually got it totally wet and it still kept right on going with precision timing. 

Feriwola offers:  

  •  insured shipping worldwide
  •  easy 30 day return
  • 30 day money back guarantee
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