Tenergy Odev Tomo 2-in-1 Transformable DIY Programmable Robot Kit


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We’re just so pleased to introduce you to Tomo by Tenergy; Tomo is an beginners DIY robot kit perfect for pre-teen children so they can learn about graphical programming, electronics and robotics through building and the use of smart devices. 

It took my son approximately one hour to assemble the robot; with patience and following directions to the ‘t’ he was able to build and learn about robotic assembly. I have to say Tomo is very cute and so much fun to play and only wish we had toys like this when we were growing up!

Tomo comes in a box with detailed step by step instructions and colour coded ports for easy assembly with the option to build a tricycle which becomes an intelligent vehicle that can track lines, avoid obstacles whereas the dicycle is two wheeled and will roam around the house and avoid obstacles by reversing itself when it senses something in its path.

All the tools are included in the box as well as a QC code on the box so we could quickly download the app on our iPhone, or going to the Google Play or Apple App store and downloading it on the phone; the app is a necessity that will allow you to operate Tomo; all you’ll need is 6 AA batteries that are not included in the kit. 

Once we got Tomo set up he came to life with wonderful colours, sounds and music using the app we were able to create programs by dragging and stacking all kinds of programming module blocks that provided a pathway for Tomo such as setting wheel speed, left and right wheel motion, left and right turns to degrees  and so much more.

Tomo is such a great product that allows children to learn while having fun along the way.