Don't Buy A Lemon ~ Purchase The Perfect Car

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It was the summer of 1980 something and I was heading off to college and needed a car  to get back and forth from school.  Being a young naive adult and excited about getting a brand new car I was deliriously happy and all that mattered was that I was going to get a car that represented my freewheeling personality; it had to look cool, drive fast and most of all I had to look great driving it; it seemed that that was all that was important to me and boy was I wrong!

I ended up buying a very cool, sleek and attractive lemon! That darn car cost me more in repairs over the years I had it than the actual retail price of the car. I was stuck between a rock and a hard place and simply wanted to tear out my hair and cried more often than not simply because of the fact that I was in school all day long and working long evenings and weekends. My whole life revolved around making car payments and car repair bills.

That was a very very long time ago way before the internet existed (can you even imagine?), there weren’t many places you could research makes and models, you basically took the salespersons word of advice as truth; there I am being naive again!  I just assumed that salespeople were there to be honest, tell the truth and help you out with the best car purchase for the best amount of money. WRONG, but life lesson learned at a very high price!

I could only wish that was available back in the day. would have saved me a lot of pain and aggravation and essentially streamlined the buying process into a well educated decision.  Thankfully I am all grown up now and understand the way the business world works and grateful for that is available at the tip of my fingers via their mobile app or in my bookmarks as research tool and so much more. has streamlined the car buying experience.  Whether you are in the market for a brand new vehicle or pre-owned vehicle has your back by connecting you with local dealers across the country anytime, anywhere on line and with their mobile app and arms you with information you need before you step into a dealership.  Educated consumers do get the best deals,  that’s why is a wonderful source that allows you to search new or used vehicles near you by helping you find the right price, value, features, dealer and advice.  You can read specs and review and compare cars and as well as seek advice on service and repair as well as watch videos and reviews on all the great lines of vehicles hitting the market the next year.

When you’re armed and ready to go shopping, you’ll have to check how much your current vehicle is worth if you’re going in for a trade in.  Trust me this is important information to have since the sales person will try to low ball you and the perfect place to get your value is at; an excellent source for all your car information needs.