Lagostina Non-Stick Saute Pan

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I am very partial to Lagostina as all my cookware is Lagostina which I totally love. Having received their large nonstick 5 qt pan I have been using it almost on a daily basis and can’t say enough good things about it.

The pan is approximately 3 inches high and about 12 inches wide and has a solid stainless steel handles making it extremely easy to carry from stove to tabletop for informal family dinners.

The Lagostina Non-Stick Saute Pan with stainless steel lid comes with care instructions recommending using it on low and medium heat which is the way I typically cook. It can also be used inside the oven at temperatures less than 390F. The pan is slightly larger than my ceramic top element and I find that it cooks the food evenly, even at the perimeter of the pan. I find that when using the stainless steel lid and cooking covered that meals cook much quicker, leaving the juices in the food for better flavour. Due to its size I have been able to cook all kinds of meats, veggies, sauces and soups and have created many ‘one pot’ meals in it which is perfect for a family of five hungry eaters.

I have taken very special care to cook using silicone tongs, spoons, forks and ladles to preserve the integrity of the nonstick surface and I would recommend purchasers of this product to do the same for the longevity of the pan; although the food just slides out of the pan which I love.

I am impressed with how easy it is to clean up with soap and water and I can throw it into the dishwasher and washes up perfectly on regular or pots/pans setting. The bottom of the pan is stainless steel and some elbow grease removed any minor burns or discolorations easily.

This pan is truly a kitchen investment as are all Lagostina products which are made to last and take a beating and always remain looking brand new and beautiful.

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