Primacc Paddle Hair Straightening Brush

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The Primacc’s Paddle Hair Straigtening Brush is a fabulous hair straightener that is reliable and quick for a salon perfect hairstyle that leaves my hair perfectly straight, shiny and tangle free in less than 5 minutes; best of all with the dry weather we’ve been having it eliminates static so my hair doesn’t have that fly away look to it.

I have wavy hair with a ton of cowlicks throughout the crown of my head which typically makes styling my hair a real pain.  I find that with nice long gentle strokes that I can actually make the cowlicks actually go the way I want them to, which is perfect; I’ve tried so many times with standard flat irons to straighten them only have the scent of ‘fried’ hair or a feeling of damaged hair from too much heat.  What I love most about this brush is that my hair doesn’t feel damaged after use; having fine hair too much heat processing really does a lot of damage, but the brush really leaves my hair straight, contoured and healthy looking.

Right out of the box it was clear to me that it is an excellent high-quality product. What impressed me when I opened the box is that it contained a heat resistant glove as well as an attractive black drawstring carrying bag, which I may not use every day however when I travel it’s a great bag to put the brush into so it’s nice and safe; there is plenty of room in the bag to throw in some combs, clips etc making it much easier to pack in my luggage. It also comes with a handy cleaning brush to keep the bristles clean which is also pointed at one end which really helps remove hair that gets stuck in the bristles.

The brush is gold and has nice black silicone bristles that not only style my hair perfectly but the little balls really help massage my head making me feel so relaxed; there is nothing better than a nice head massage so I feel like I got two products in one.  The cord is very long and it swivels which is a very nice touch that prevents the cord from tangling or twisting up making styling much faster; it has a nice weight to it but yet it’s comfortable to hold, plus there is a plastic hook so it can be hung conveniently in the bathroom.

Upon plugging it in it starts to heat up right away and reaches the set temperature within 30 seconds. Once plugged in you can turn it on/off and adjust your temperature with the plus and minus down to regulate the temperature which is displayed on a large LED screen on the front of the brush so you can really control the amount of heat to your hair up to 450F. It also offers a shut off feature; it turns itself off after 30 minutes which is really great reducing the fear and anxiety once I leave the house that I’ve left something on.