Vox Z3 3D Virtual Reality Headset

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I have to be honest, I thought the Vox Z3 3D Virtual Reality Headset was one of the weirdest and craziest things I have ever been asked to review. I pulled it out of the box that it was shipped in and it just looked obnoxious and bulky to put on my head. It looked so big and had a large elastic head harness to support itself on my head; thinking what on earth did I get myself into!

It wasn't until I went to the app store and downloaded free VR apps that the fun began and I quickly fell in love with this crazy and wonderful little product. There are plenty of apps to choose, some you have to pay for but they cost very little and the hours of entertainment they provide are truly worth the price.

It's very simple to use once the games are downloaded, simply insert your phone and center it in front of the eyeglasses in the phone slot opening, ensure that the head harness is very snug but not too tight, you want it to stay in place comfortably and your ready to enjoy the ultimate sensory experience!  For optimal enjoyment, you can adjust distance and focus for each lens with the knobs on the side. All you have to do is rotate your head from side to side or up and down to get into the game for the ultimate virtual sensory experience.

I honestly felt like a little kid squealing in delight as I rode on a death-defying roller coaster, took hair-raising turns when I went go carting. I  got scared to death in the haunted house including swimming with sharks. I even had snipers shooting at me trying to take me down. I had delirious amounts of fun and wouldn't share the Vox Z3 3D VR headset with my children who waited patiently for their turn and thought I was insane until they had their turn, that's when the fun began, we literally laughed for hours watching each other either walk around our family room to get the full VR experience. For safety purposes, I do recommend sitting in a chair to get the full experience without fear that you'll trip or walk into a wall.  

The wonderful feature of the this VR headset is that you can watch movies in 3D as well. You can literally wear this for hours on end as the interior is soft and breathable and well ventilated. It's made of ABS and PC and extremely lightweight.  The VR headset does come with easy instructions and a microfiber cloth to clean the lens.  It will fit most phones up to 6 inches long; I have attached the chart below depicting most phones it works with. 

This is a poor man's Oculus Rift and probably just as much fun as one. It's a great gift for children of all ages without breaking the bank ~ highly recommend product.

To learn more about the Vox Z3 3D Virtual Reality Headset available through Amazon here in Canada and here in the US.