Waterpik Cordless Freedom Water Flosser

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If you hate going to the dentist as much as I do than I highly recommend Waterpik's Cordless Freedom Water Flosser. 

I have been using Waterpik's Cordless Freedom Water Flosser for several weeks now and I just love how easy and quick it is to use with its ergonomic design by simply pointing it at my gum line and flossing between my teeth. By simply filling the clear water reservoir with a warm water temperature for my personal comfort (I have very sensitive teeth) or I can even fill it up with mouthwash and turn it on for a fresh mint taste. It holds enough water to run about a 30 second cleaning cycle. I typically fill the reservoir twice to get a thorough cleaning by easily opening the flap on the back.

It has two settings, one for sensitive teeth and the other for deeper cleaning. I do caution that the deeper cleaning setting is so powerful that it did shock me at first as I was not expecting such intensity.  It literally takes about a minute for me to thoroughly floss my teeth and I have to say I have never had cleaner teeth or healthier pink looking gum line nor has my breath quality been better and even better when I floss with mouthwash as it does a great job thoroughly cleaning the tongue. It also does an amazing job removing all the bacteria, plaque and food debris especially from the back molars where traditional string flossers do not reach properly with its intense water pressure and pulsations.

I am sure that when I head back to the dental office that my heart won't sink into the pit of my stomach nor will I have anxiety with a great desire to bolt for the door as I'm most certain I'll be there for a routine checkup, x-rays and a simple date with the hygienist with no drills or needles in my future.  Fingers are crossed!

The Waterpik flosser is cordless so I don't feel restricted by an electrical cord while in the bathroom and if I really wanted to I could use it in the shower to speed things up in my routine as it is waterproof. I am really not sold on dental hygiene when I am showering though, but the fact that it is portable and cordless makes it much easier to use and set up even when traveling where an outlet may be out of reach as the flosser requires 3 AA batteries to operate which were included in the box set. The unit comes with 3 water flossing tips; two that are classic jet tips and 1 for orthodontics, perfect for implants, braces and crowns. Also included is a microfiber travel bag and a travel plug so that water does not leak out of the unit.

The Waterpik Cordless Freedom Water Flosser comes with a 14 Day Healthier Gums Guarantee; so if you're not completely satisfied after using it consecutively for 14 days without seeing reduced symptoms of gingivitis you can return it no questions asked.  Plus it comes with a 1 year Warranty.

The Waterpik Cordless Freedom Water Flosser can be purchased through Amazon here in Canada or here in the US.