GPToys S912 Luctan RC Car

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The GP Toys RCS912 Luctan Electric Monster Truck is a beast of a toy with its sleek yellow, grey and black stripping and racing logo.  It is unbelievably fast and was built for speed! This is a serious beginner remote control vehicle for the future RC hobbyist as it can keep up with side street traffic to a maximum of 33 MPH and 100 meter range ~ very impressive to say the least!

Based on its size we were astounded to see how fast it goes and how well it maneuvers; it is virtually indestructible and has excellent control as it hit pot holes and curbs and kept right on going only telling me it has excellent balance and suspension.  The rubber tires are really thick and wide with nice deep treads which grip the road and handles quick turns and flips flawlessly, on road or off road and more times than not it ends up back on its wheels and ready to go wherever you send it to next.

Luck would have it that we have an RC track a couple of miles away from our home and so my boys went down to the track to see how it handles compared to some of the higher end RC cars and they had a wonderful time and were quite impressed that it held its own when running next to the big boy RC cars out on the track, keeping in mind that serious hobbyist have cars that can reach speeds of 100 MPH. 

Worried about the rain or puddles or short circuiting? No need to as it has waterproof electronics and safe to drive in puddles as long as the water level is below the truck, but not to worry you can adjust the heights of the struts. Just don’t stand too close to the puddle as the car is zooming by or you will get wet!

It comes perfectly packaged with cable ties securely holding it in place and comes with a detailed instruction manual and getting it on the road is a breeze.  They have included Phillips and Hex screwdrivers to get it on the road, as well as extra replacement pins to hold the body in place.  

We all really like the remote control that has an easy to use trigger finger that with the aid of the steering wheel will have the car going forward, backward, right, left as will allow you to brake. When it’s not in use remember to turn it into the off position to preserve battery life.  

The car comes with a 9.6 V 800 mAh Li-on battery, transmitter that operates with 2 AA batteries (not included), charger and steering wheel as well as an AC wall charger.

It takes approximately 1 ½ to charge allowing you to get 10 minutes of road action, but this is variable we found depending on how fast we had it flying down the street. If you’re not a speed demon you’ll probably end up with an extra minute or two, but we haven’t tested the theory out; clearly because we’re thrill junkies.

If you want to own your own you can purchase it in Canada through amazon here  or in the US here