Orblue Dough Docker

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Orblue Dough Docker #doughdocker #orblue

Orblue Dough Docker #doughdocker #orblue

I have been making homemade pizza for years and why I haven’t owned a dough docker is beyond me! So needless to say, I am beyond thrilled with my new kitchen gadget; Orblue’s Dough Docker!

We make homemade pizza about once a week in my house and when the pizza production starts we make a ton of it and oddly enough it only last a few hours; we love our pizza pies! We make our own dough and use the freshest premium ingredients we can find, from fresh Buffalo Mozzarella, to homemade pizza sauce to fresh vegetables and meats.

Problem I’ve always had is that I roll out the dough nice and thin the way my family likes their pizza, place the dough on the pizza pan, poke a fork all over the pizza dough and no matter what amount of rolling and fork poking I do there are always air bubbles in the crust and the odd time one side would rise thicker than the other so one side would be too crunch and the other side soggy, or I’d lay the dough on the pan and the dough would start shrinking and pulling into the center and thickening up, no amount of tugging at the dough would keep it at the bay.

Well, Orblue’s Dough Docker has now solved this problem for me.  I prepared the dough as normal, rolled it out with the rolling pin as I do then I transferred it to the pizza pan and ran the docker over the entire area of the dough and impressively it stayed put. I am impressed that when the pies baked up they were nice and thin and crunchy just the way my family likes them, so needless to say I think this is a winner of a product for our weekly pizza nights. 

The Orblue Dough Docker is solid white plastic with white spikes throughout; the roller can be removed for easy cleaning which is easy to wash both in the kitchen sink as well as in the dishwasher.

Orblue includes a card with the shipment offering 15% off your next purchase ~ what could be sweeter than that!?!

In Canada you can purchase it here and in the US here available through amazon.

Check out our Orblue Dough Docker video to see for yourself how easy it is to use; making perfect pizza every time!