Inspired Home Living's Magnetic Knife Holder

Inspired Home Living's Magnetic Knife Holder

Inspired Home Living's Magnetic Knife Holder

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If you love to cook as I do, you know that it’s important to have clean, sharp knives conveniently located within reach to either chop, slice and dice the ingredients for your meals.  Inspired Home Living has this wonderful Magnetic Knife Holder which does exactly that. I am pretty impressed that it will hold all my knives including the heaviest butcher knife and cooking shears in place without it slipping or sliding off; the magnetic strip is quite powerful.  I am even further impressed that the Magnetic Knife Holder came with a really good handheld knife sharpener.

I personally am not fond of screwing things on my pretty backsplash however Inspired Home Livings Magnetic Knife Holder is slim; 1 ¾ inches wide by 16 inches long. It is made of very hard black rubber with two metallic strips running through it that securely hold the knives in place.  The stainless steel end caps are removable to display the screw holes and snap back in place after the install, with about a 1/3 of an inch rise it installs almost flush with the backsplash.

I don’t like clutter in my kitchen and nothing is worse than a big bulky knife block taking up precious counter space that can fill with germs and bacteria in a busy household; the kids for instance, seem to reach for a knife, use it and stick it back in the block without cleaning it ~ so gross!  Another bad idea is sticky knives in the drawers where they can get damaged or scratched and if you’re like me; who cooks a lot and has very expensive top quality knives you want to protect them from damage. Plus, it will save your fingers from accidental cuts and pokes searching through the drawer.

Inspired Home Livings Magnetic Knife Holder is also a versatile product that can be attached to your outdoor grill to attach the grill instruments, used in the garage to hang tools as well keeping everything neatly organized and in your sight line.  

Breakthrough Premium Products is a great little company in South Western Ontario offering Brilliantly Simply Solutions under the their brand name Inspired Home Living. They stand behind their products offering a lifetime warranty. You can purchase the Magnet Knife Holder in Canada {here} in the US {here} or the UK {here}

Or you can visit their website at