ORBLUE Professional Rotary Cheese Grater

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Orblue Professional Rotary Cheese Grater

Orblue Professional Rotary Cheese Grater

Orblue’s Rotary Cheese Grater is a welcomed addition to my kitchen and it works perfectly for all my cooking and baking needs. Cheese especially is a staple product in our home; we sure do love our cheeses and enjoy making a variety of dishes that contain cheese or are topped with cheese.

The only hassle grating the cheese, I personally don’t the like plane graters; either the holes are too big or are too small and if they’re too small it seems that the cheese sticks to them so in effect it doesn’t look like you’re grating anything at all, and if you get it grated you’ll grate your poor fingers trying to grate the last bit! Sure you can buy the grated cheese, but if its taste you’re after you’re certainly not going to get it there either, especially cheese like Romano, Asiago and Parmesan which tend to be hard cheeses and taste best freshly grated.

The Orblue cheese grater has the perfect sized holes to get create the perfect grated cheese.  It is so easy and simple to use and comes in three components: the detachable turn handle, the combination handle, hopper with lid and arm and the grating drum itself.   It’s a solid hard plastic sturdy product that has a secure screw fastener to hold the lid/arm in place. 

Simply cube your cheese up to a size of 1 ½ by 2 ½ inches and you’re ready to start grating in a clockwise rotation. The beauty of the Orblue cheese grater is that you can either grate into a bowl, grate over your food or you can grate keeping the grater straight which will fill the drum, if you over grate then the cheese will slip out as the drum fills and due to the curvature of the lid it will grate all the cheese in the hopper. It’s perfect to leave on the dinner table and pass around for your family and friends to grate their own portions. It works perfectly on hard foods like chocolates, nuts, as well as spices like nutmeg and cinnamon and holds up really well under pressure.   

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Orblue Professional Rotary Cheese Grater is so simple and quick to use, take a moment to watch our video!