Betty Crocker's Krispy Kreme Cake Mix with Original Donut Glaze

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I typically DO NOT purchase boxed cake mixes in supermarkets as I prefer the home made taste much better where I can control and play with the ingredients, however, during one of our frequent tricks to the US for some worthy cross border shopping I discovered this little gem of a cake mix while searching for candy sprinkles, food colouring and so on and just had to try it!  The supermarket had one box and one box only and I luckily snatched it up before the shopper beside me was still thinking about it! {Sweet}

Sadly though, we haven’t been able to find another box since, so I did some stealth investigating and found that it sells on for $5.83 US and at for a whopping $108.67 for 3 boxes (link) and if you’re extremely LUCKY you’ll be able to find it at Walmart (US) for $2.54 a box.  This is a hot commodity product and we even checked where it’s selling for $5.00 US a box and $6.68 at in Canada.

**Prices are based on day of post**

This cake mix recipe has made me rethink me resistance to purchases cake mixes ~ it is a light heavenly delight, very soft, moist and crumbly. It comes complete with their original frosting that just needs to be kneaded in package and drizzled over the warm cake.

All we had to do was:

·        Heat the oven to 375F

·        Add in 2/3 cups of water (I always substitute milk for the water)

·        1/3 cup of vegetable oil

·        2 eggs

·        Beat for a few minutes

·        Spray Bundt pan with non-stick spray

·        Bake for 25 minutes

·        Soften glaze, drizzle on warm cake and décor with seasonal candy sprinkles

We love Krispy Crème however there is only one location in Southern Ontario that comes to mind and it’s a bit of a trek, so quite often we’ll pop into a Krispy Crème in NY state to get our fill of freshly made donuts. This was a surprisingly close and enjoyable second that took literally minutes to make and seconds to eat! We were going to save it and eat it after the lights and doors were closed on Halloween night ~ oh well…maybe next year!

We give this mix a 5 star rating and a deserving post on our blog so our readers can discover their own unique Krispy Kreme experience in the comfort of their homes.