VersionTech 3rd Generation Bright Outdoor LED Solar Light

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Going green, preserving and saving on electricity is quite important to me so needless to say, so when VersionTech sent me their 3rd Generation Bright Outdoor LED Solar light with Motion Sensor (New Release for 2015) to test I was thrilled.  

It’s a small unit, approximately 6 x 4 inches but so wonderfully powerful.  It has a 2200mAh powerful built in battery. It has automatic on/off capabilities so when it’s fully charged it stays on from dusk to dawn and then some.  In its shell are 8 powerful and bright LED lights that stay on dimly all the time, but when it detects motion within a 3 metre/3.2 yard zone, it blazes with extremely bright light.  

This unit gives me extra security and protection on the patio side of the house where exterior lighting is minimal and when nature calls for Bandit (dog/mascot), the yard is pre-lit so I can see him in the dark of the night.  I like having lights on in the back but especially motion lights that will deter our friendly woodland creatures….aka, raccoons and skunks, etc. when Bandit is out there at night.  

Its hard plastic shell is very strong and durable and can see it lasting for many many years!

Installation couldn’t have been easier; drilled a hole, hammered in a wall plug and screwed in the screws that came with the kit and voila I have free instant on lighting!

Ivonne TarantinoComment