Tips to Help You Achieve Vintage Decor Throughout the Home

Tips to Help You Achieve Vintage Decor Throughout the Home

Eccentric flea market and secondhand finds are the secret to vintage decorating. This one-of-a-kind décor style is marked by repurposed antiques and imaginative wall-hangings, such as framed photos of vintage photography. It can be a bit of a challenge to find (or design) the right art pieces to make this look come together in a chic and inspirational way. 

The last thing you want is for your vintage home to look dated; instead, you want it to come together in a way that’s charming. These tips are designed to help you do just that.

Unique and Vintage Wall Art

Some vintage wall art can be purchased relatively inexpensive. Paper prints can be framed, but a canvas print comes ready to hang. Whether bought secondhand or new, prints are great for filling in blanks on the wall. Most of what is covered in this article concerns hanging sculpture-esque vintage finds. However, some interlaced art adds pops of color so look for pieces that speak to the decade you have in mind and fill in any blanks on your walls with wall art.

When you’re browsing secondhand, look for pieces that will take the least amount of work. Better Homes and Gardens recommends looking for a “set of stylish dishes at a flea market.” You can attach plate hanging hardware found at a crafts store, and hang the dishes in an arrangement that makes sense for your space.

Framed photos from the past are another great way to show off your vintage style. The sort of photographs you display depends on your particular tastes. For example, if you’re into vintage fashion, you could display the work of vintage fashion photographers. If you’re into time periods, look for photographs of old villages and captured moments. You should also think vintage when choosing frames (modern frames aren’t going to fit it).

Repurposed Vintage Furniture

One of the best ways to showcase your old soul is to take furniture from the time period and repurpose it for today. The Architecture Art Design blog has some great ideas for DIY vintage décor, including taking an old wrought iron crib and turning it into a vintage style bench. Or using old metal funnels as candleholders (this one requires minimal DIY). When you’re browsing secondhand, look for old metal items, such as wash bins and dishes. These items can be used to make all sorts of vintage-inspired items and furniture.  

Antiques that Work Double Duty

Little House on the Valley has some great ideas for making your vintage finds work double-duty. Their idea for stacking old suitcases requires no DIY-know-how, and makes a “dramatic statement and fills any corner of your home.” This look can be achieved with “baskets, trunks, hatboxes, and anything that provides closed storage.”  The goal is to fill up empty spaces with vintage items to achieve that whole house vintage look.

The added benefit is that you can store away the stuff that could detract from your vintage décor. Modern items, paperwork, and other goods can be shut up inside. Or, you could store away holiday décor or seasonal items.

Vintage Accents to Pull the Look Together

Finally, it’s important to accentuate your décor with items that fit in. recommends decorating with vintage cameras, but you can truly accent with any vintage finds. Perfume bottles, plants, and teapots are some examples. Overall, look for anywhere that seems empty, such as shelves and end tables, and add a vintage accent to finish the look.