CobraCo Hand Hammered 100% Copper Fire Pit

CobraCo Hand Hammered 100% Copper Fire Pit

CobraCo Hand Hammered 100% Copper Fire Pit

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My family and I are sun and summer worshipers; we literally live outside on our deck and backyard from early spring to late fall be it enjoying our morning coffee listening to the birds sing with the rising sun to enjoying our meals outdoors and sitting around late into the night chatting away; summertime is a time of bonding at our home so when I was given the opportunity to review the CobraCo Hand Hammered 100% Copper Fit Pit I jumped at the chance the review this truly stunningly beautiful product.

The fire pit adds beauty, elegance and rustic charm to our patio that also compliments our patio furniture perfectly. The fire pit comes with a seamless 100% hand hammered 30 inch in diameter copper tub, a black wrought iron stand,  a protective mesh lid as well as a vinyl storage cover to protect the integrity of the copper from the elements when it's not in use.

Truth be told, I really hate having to use it! I wanted to preserve the beauty of it and want to use it for decorative purposes only; it's one of those products that you want looking brand new all the time but living with men who love fire pits we'll have to break down and get a cozy fire going someday soon.  I suspect there will be some huge fires happening in our yard this summer as the tub is 11 3/4 inch deep and 19 inch in height with the mesh cover which will prevent embers from flying all over the place.

I was actually really surprised to find how light weight it was considering the large box it arrived in, I thought I would need herculean strength to move it into the house and then drag it out on my patio. It was assembled in seconds, right out of the box you set up the black wrought frame, pop the copper tub into it and voila it's ready to use.

We have owned fire pits in the past that did not come with the add-ons such as the screen or the cover and they've barely lasted a season or two. I trust that this one will last for years to come as the copper tub is exceptionally thick and beautiful designed with its hammerhead finish and over time as it ages it will become even more beautiful as it ages developing a beautiful and very rustic patina over time.

NOTE: The manufacturer suggests that we only use seasoned hardwoods when using it as well as adding a layer of sand to the bottom of the tub to protect the copper from high heat which could degrade the integrity of this beautiful metal.