Ocean Waves Projector by ActionFly

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I am just a big kid at heart and I love the ocean, but I can’t always spend my time basking in the delight of ocean waves; so the beauty of the Ocean Waves Projector brings the ocean to you wherever and whenever I want it. I am also a lover of unique, creative and interesting products, especially things that sparkle and shine and this product is exactly that!

Action Fly’s Ocean Wave Projector has a rotating crystal sphere that casts shadows of red, blue and green LED lights on my ceiling.  The beauty of the projector is that you can set it to project your favourite coloured light to create the perfect ambiance in the room. It is comes with a 4.5V DC plug as well as USB cord and works best when centered in the room; this always to fill the ceiling with wonderful soothing lights.  It is also portable and accommodates 4AA batteries that are unfortunately not included, but being portable it can be taken anywhere even camping, nothing like sitting in your tent and telling stories with a mesmerizing lights and shadows.

I love the blue the best as it reminds me of reflecting ocean waves and by downloading ocean waves sounds I can easily plug my phone into the mini speaker with adjustable volume control that allows my imagination to drift to memories of that tranquil and relaxing beach vacation.  What could be better than lying in your bathtub totally being driven to a place of peacefulness and tranquility?

It’s perfect for those daunting nights when you’re trying to fall asleep; I think we’ve all had those nights when we’re tossing and turning and just praying for sleep to take us away. Well the Ocean Waves Projector is perfect for that too! It is quite mesmerizing just allowing your eyes to follow the waves; I was asleep in no time and the beauty is that it has an auto shut off feature that turns itself off in an hour.

You can purchase it here through amazon.ca