Water is the most important substance on earth, every living thing on our planet being plant; animal and human need it to survive without it we’d all die! So why don’t we drink more of it?  Most people are chronically dehydrated without even knowing it, sadly if you experience any of the following symptoms you definitely need to drink more water:

·        Have dry mouth

·        Feel lightheaded and dizzy frequently throughout the day

·        Have frequent headaches

·        Experience constipation

·        Feel nauseated or have the desire to vomit

·        Feeling tired and sleepy throughout the day

Proper hydration is essential for a healthy body and drinking the approximate 8 -8oz glasses of water per day according to the Mayo Clinic will lessen your chances of having, strokes, blood clots, heart disease, kidney stones, cancer, and mental fatigue.  Other benefits are noted in the chart below.

I can only assume that most of us take drinking water for granted, after all we’re drinking something all day long and thinking we’re getting the right amount of liquids throughout the day.  If you’re anything like me; you start your day with coffee, drink it straight through the day and then switch to your other poison around dinner time! My other poison is Diet Pepsi which I drink until bedtime; sometimes throw in another coffee somewhere throughout the course of my evening.  Sounds familiar? Turns out caffeine in my coffee along with caffeine in my Diet Pepsi is a diuretic and doing absolutely nothing for my health and body except for dehydrating me.

Personally speaking, plain water can be quite boring and tasteless, purchasing vitamin water or flavoured water can be quite expensive so why not make your own and get super healthy!

Our personal favourite flavoured water is citrus (chalked full of vitamin C, iron, calcium etc), we slice up lemons, limes, oranges and even grapefruit and place it in our infuser pitcher and let it stand for about an hour so the flavour really comes out of the fruit and voila you’ve got your cheap affordable flavoured water.  Drink it buy the glass, pour some into a mason jar (very popular nowadays), bring it along with you to the gym in your sport bottle.  We like carbonated water so we use our Primo Soda Machine made by SodaStream to make our citrus carbonated water ~ it’s delicious!

The combination of infused waters is endless so experiment ~ here is some helpful ideas for you to try:

·        Splash in some cranberry juice (good for your kidneys and bladder)

·        Add some apple cider vinegar to your water (apple cider vinegar is a natural healer and helps lower blood sugars)

·        Throw in a handful of your favourite mixed berries (they’re full of antioxidants) and are a great light snack in the bottom

·        Add a combination of your favourite fruits to an ice-cube tray and freeze and pop them in your glass

·        Add a few leaves of mint; good for you and will leave your breath fresh

You get the idea! Get creative, have fun and get Heart Healthy in 2016!

Check out our cute water video: