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First comes love; then comes marriage, then comes daddy with a baby carriage, or so that’s the dream OR a nightmare depending on what side of the fence you’re sitting on! Easy At Home Medical is based out of Illinois which specializes in medical tests products and monitors and delivers user friendly and easy to use products to their customers. Their main product categories are Drug Tests, Family Planning products including ovulation, pregnancy tests and Fetal Dopplers and the Health & Wellness monitors. Their goal is to have customer manage heath conditions Easy@Home.

Easy@Home has supplied me with this lovely Basal Thermometer with Basal Body Temperature Chart for tracking ovulation which comes is a lovely white storage case that is lined with very strong blue cushioning to hold the thermometer in its place as well as a user’s manual is quite detailed and easy to use.

If you’re not familiar with the Basal method; Basal temperature (BBT) is your temperature when you first wake up in the morning.  While you are still in bed put the basal thermometer into your mouth. This thermometer shows minute incremental degree changes, unlike a regular thermometer. 

When you ovulate, hormonal changes trigger a slight rise in your BBT, which lasts at least until your next period. You'll probably notice your temperature spiking on other days but, unless it stays that way, you're probably not ovulating. You are most fertile on the day of the temperature spike and on the few days preceding it. Some fertility experts suggest you could still conceive if you have sex within 12 to 24 hours after the temperature spike. If you do become pregnant, your temperature will stay elevated throughout your pregnancy. 

Easy@Home has included a chart that can photocopied so you can track you’re temperature for a few months so you can see whether there's a pattern to your cycle. If you are ill or don't take your temperature immediately on waking, any pattern you find may be inaccurate.

I found it quite comfortable to hold under my tongue, but I also support it with my fingers for a relatively quick read that takes about 30 seconds or so, which beeps when the temperature test is done.  It has a large blue screen and a back light so it’s easily read in the dark or my dimly lit bedroom.  I like the fact that it stores 60 temperatures in memory with date and time and since you should be checking your temperature at the exact time every day it is equipped with an alarm clock that wakens you with a gentle beep and shows the results in both Celsius and Fahrenheit. Bonus feature is that should you have a fever it has a fever beeping alarm. Easy@Home offers a 1 year Product Replacement Guarantee so you just can’t go wrong on this purchase.

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